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Exporting the workspaces list from the Admin Portal

Headshot of article author Kay Unkroth

In a comment to the recent announcement of Workspace Management in the Admin Portal, JohnR asked for an option to export the list of workspaces with the fields provided. This would help facilitate admin work across thousands of workspaces. A great suggestion!

Perhaps you wanted to export the list of workspaces placed on Premium capacities, as in the following screenshot. Or you simply wanted to export all workspaces and track over time how many workspaces are added or deleted. Whatever the scenario, the Workspace page now provides an Export command so that you can export the current list to a comma-separated values (CSV) file. The same export to CSV feature is also available on the Embed Codes page.

The export feature is self-explanatory. Export to CSV, then open in Excel, and perform any additional steps, as necessary. For example, you can format the list as a table and then apply additional filters in Excel, as in the following screenshot.

One aspect worth pointing out, however, is that the exported list does not include the full set of workspace properties that you can get from the Get-PowerBIWorkspace cmdlet. Specifically, the workspace ID is not included, which makes it hard to use this exported list as input for a PowerShell script for further workspace management automation. This will get better over time when more columns are added to the Workspace page. So, stay tuned for even more improvements to the Workspace page and other pages in the Admin Portal!