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Gartner Analytics and BI Virtual Bake-Off 2020: world population health analysis with Power BI

Headshot of article author Justyna Lucznik

Last week we presented at the annual Gartner BI Bake-Off session which was moved to a virtual setting this year. We are very excited to share our bake off demos and key findings with everyone.

The topic this year is improving population health as defined by life expectancy. The data came from the World Health Organization as well as the World Bank.



Same as last year, a little bit of background: Gartner organizes this event annually to allow the modern BI Magic Quadrant leaders to showcase their solutions around a timely topic.

The concept of the bake-off is very straight forward. Vendors are asked to use a consistent data set to facilitate a side-by-side comparison. Gartner tries to pick data sets that also allow participants to showcase how the data and analytics community can do good with data.

Here are some insights and highlights from the report:

  • Just 200 years ago, worldwide life expectancy was in the early 30’s. By 1960 life expectancy jumped to the 50’s but masked global health inequalities. Today, life expectancy is in the 70’s with large improvements taking place in the developing world in the last couple of decades.
  • Child mortality rates have reduced significantly in the last 30 years. Countries that saw a 1 in 3 child mortality rate 30 years ago have reduced it to about 1 in 10.
  • One of the most important socio-economic factors associated with higher life expectancy is having access to safe drinking water. If we focus the analysis the female population, having access to education is an important life expectancy driver.
  • Asia saw the largest growth in life expectancy in the last decade (over 6% growth). This growth was particularly high in countries that saw significant decreases in maternal mortality during this time.

We will publish another blog soon sharing the pbix file used in the video as well as share more details about building the report.

We hope you enjoy the video and please share any thoughts or comments below!