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Interactive R custom visuals support is here!

Headshot of article author Tzvi Keisar

R is a strong and popular language, enabling developers to create great analytics on data, as well as visualization.

Developers can already create R custom visuals that plugs into Power BI reports, to enable report authors to use those custom visuals without known R. This is a powerful capability to extend the visualizations of Power BI.

We are proud to announce that R custom visuals can now also be interactive, by generating HTML as the visual (instead of the static image that was supported until now), R custom visuals are capable of supporting tooltips and selections.

Here is an example of a time series forecast chart with tooltips, selection and zoom:


We already have interactive R custom visuals in the store. Try them out:

Forecasting chart



Forecasting with ARIMA

We are working to add more of them soon, and waiting for you, the developers community, to add your own!

The interactivity is enabled thanks to Plotly R library and htmlwidgets library, which are supported in Power BI service and Desktop.

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