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Introducing Public Preview Copilot for Power BI chat-based capabilities: summarize, inquire, analyze

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Gif video of summary and insight capabilities in the Copilot for Power BI Pane

Are you ready to embark on a journey of discovery through your data? Look no further than Power BI’s Copilot pane for your ultimate companion in the realm of data exploration and analysis! The Copilot pane in Power BI is now available in public preview in view and edit mode and offers new capabilities. You can now ask Copilot for summaries, insights, and answers from your report content. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the exciting capabilities of Copilot, unveiling how it empowers users to extract invaluable insights in view mode from their data effortlessly. 

Copilot in View Mode 

Imagine having a knowledgeable assistant by your side as you navigate through your Power BI report. That’s precisely what the Copilot pane brings to the table within Power BI. Users, in view mode, can generate summaries of their report content with just a few clicks. Gone are the days of endless manual analysis — Copilot streamlines that process, delivering concise overviews that illuminate key trends, patterns, and insights across your visuals.  With this capability, business users can get an overview of their report page, as well as ask questions about the data visualized on the page, elevating their data exploration experience and empowering them to dig deeper. This capability is powerful as it elevates the typical viewing experience to an analysis experience. Note: this capability is also available in edit mode. 

Customized Guidance at Your Fingertips 

As mentioned, Copilot doesn’t just stop at providing overviews and insights of report content – with customizable requests, Copilot tailors its assistance to your specific needs, guiding you through the exploration process with ease. Whether you’re unsure where to begin or you’re seeking deeper insights, Copilot is there to lend a helping hand.  You can start with the out of box prompts like: 

  • Create a bulleted list of insights 
  • Summarize visuals on this page 
  • Give an executive summary of this report 


Image of Power BI Copilot pane open and showing summary for visuals on report page


Or you can start to aid deeper and more nuanced exploration into key slices of your data with custom requests that deliver tailored insights and answers.  Here are some examples of custom requests to get you started: (keep in mind, the requests should be specific to the data in the report you’re viewing) 

  • What are some key sales insights on this page? 
  • What are some interesting customer segments? 
  • What is the relationship between product type and revenue? 


Power BI Copilot pane showing customer segments

Copilot will scan the report page visuals and answer your request in natural language, making analysis of the report easier than ever.  From uncovering insights to highlighting key sales metrics, Copilot’s prompts pave the way for unparalleled data discovery. You can even copy and paste the Copilot text into emails, power points, or Teams threads to keep everyone up to date. 


Unleashing the Power of Questions 

Another exciting aspect of Copilot’s consumption mode is its ability to respond to your questions in real-time. Need to know which team dominated in sales or which product boasted the highest profit margin? Simply ask, and Copilot will provide you with a tailored, simple response. What sets Copilot apart is its knack for referencing specific visuals within your report, making it easier than ever to understand the underlying data driving each insight and answer. Here are some examples from a real example: 

  • What is the highest grossing product? 
  • What was the total sales in 2021? 
  • What is the average length of stay? 

Copilot pane answering a data question

Empowering Data Exploration 

In a world overflowing with data, the ability to extract meaningful insights is invaluable. Copilot aided exploration empowers users to become masters of their data, providing them with the tools they need to more quickly understand their reports, and answer their questions promptly. Whether you’re a seasoned analyst or a beginning explorer, Copilot’s intuitive nature makes data exploration a breeze.  For more details on this feature, see our documentation. To see our other Copilot capabilities like Copilot report page creation (available in edit mode), go here. Sound off in the comments!!  



  • Copilot in Microsoft Fabric isn’t supported on trial SKUs. Only paid SKUs (F64 or higher, or P1 or higher) are supported. 
  • Your administrator needs to enable the tenant switch before you start using Copilot. See the article Copilot tenant settings for details Your F64 or P1 capacity needs to be in one of the regions listed in this article, Fabric region availability. If it isn’t, you can’t use Copilot.  
  • These capabilities are also available in edit mode, and in Desktop 
  • Fabric Copilot experiences in Power BI are preview experiences.  This experience is in public preview. 
  • Updates are being continually made, so please expect improvements. 
  • Copilot responses are generated with AI and can make mistakes, always check your work.