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Introducing Siri Integration with Power BI Mobile iOS App (preview)

Headshot of article author Michal Foster Heldy

We’re happy to announce that the Power BI Mobile iOS app is now integrated with Siri shortcuts. Now, you’ll be able to just say “Hey Siri, open my report” and you’ll get the content you’re looking for.

Together with Siri shortcuts, we’re also introducing device level search (Spotlight) which allows you to easily search for, and find, Power BI content on your device.

These new capabilities, Siri shortcuts and Spotlight search, help you easily locate and quickly access your reports and dashboards without navigating through the app.

Want to start using these exciting features? Continue reading to learn how.

Create Siri shortcuts

A new banner with an ‘Add to Siri’ option will be added to your frequently used reports and dashboards. To create a Siri shortcut, just tap the button and the ‘Add to Siri’ page will open with a suggested phrase. Tap the red record button and say the phrase you’ll use to open that item.



Now every time you’d like to access the dashboard or the report you created a shortcut for, just say just “Hey Siri” and the phrase you recorded. Power BI will automatically open with the item you asked for in focus.



You can also add a Siri shortcut to a dashboard or report from the ‘Actions’ menu.

Search for Power BI content

If you want to open a specific item and you’re not sure where to look for it, try using Spotlight search. Simply swipe down from the middle of the ‘Home’ screen to get into the device search, tap the ‘Search‘ field and enter a word relevant for the item you’re looking for.



The search results will include Power BI dashboards, reports, apps, and workspaces that match your search input. You’ll also be able to search by someone’s name to get items that were shared by that person. Once you find the item you want, tap on it — this will open the Power BI app and land you on the item you wanted.

Thanks to these new capabilities, you now have simple ways to find and access the content you need, when you need it. We’re excited to hear your thoughts about your experiences with Siri and Spotlight search integration

– This feature is currently a preview version
– Siri shortcuts is available from iOS12 and higher


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