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Learn, Connect, and Code at the Microsoft Build Summit! May 25th-27th, 2021

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Join the Power BI team and be inspired by presentations, learn best practices, and discover helpful resources with other attendees. Join your DEV community for live discussions on camera, and in chat in our Ask the Experts session.


Featured Sessions


Power Platform is the best way for teams to build together

Speakers: Julie Strauss

All developers can now collaborate to develop Power Platform solutions together at speed, with the addition of pro dev tools and functionality from VS code extensions to distributed connectors. With the extension of Power Fx and an enhanced Power Apps maker experience, all developers will be empowered to build apps together more easily and efficiently, for a streamlined, connected and unified end to end experience for all makers.


Scale, analyze and serve Microsoft Dynamics 365 application data with Azure

Speakers: Miguel Martinez, Vishal Anil, Misha Desai, Nellie Gustafsson, John Macintyre

Power Apps, Power Automate and Dynamics 365 allow developers to quickly create business applications that generate immense amounts of data. In this session, we’ll show how to gain insights from this data with Azure Synapse and Power BI. We’ll also show how Azure Purview allows organizations to discover and govern data assets across their organization.


On-Demand Sessions


Embed actionable analytics everywhere with Power BI Embedded

Speaker: Amit Shuster

Power BI Embedded Analytics enhances Power BI, enabling developers to embed stunning data visualizations in any platform, product, website, portal, or service. In this session, we will demonstrate how to use the Power BI embedded analytics playground, a tool built by developers for developers to explore everything that Power BI embedded analytics has to offer. You can get hands-on coding experience in the developer sandbox using a sample report or bring your own report , discover and interact with Power BI client APIs , get inspired how to apply the latest Power BI features to your applications and familiarize yourself with the latest capabilities, tutorials and documentation. In this session you will see a demo of our new and exciting Power BI client for Jupyter notebooks as well.


Power BI for BI pros and Data Engineers

Speaker: Priya Sathy

In this session we will discuss how Power BI can help you build enterprise-scale analytics solutions that meet your governance needs. We will discuss how to easily leverage investments in big data with native connections to data warehouses and data lakes, simplify ETL, apply machine learning and scale for the largest datasets in the organization, without compromising performance or security.


Ask the Experts Session


A developer’s Guide to Embedded Analytics using Power BI Embedded in Azure

Speakers: Ofer Ashkenazi, Alon Baram, Eyal Carmel, Aviv Ezrachi, Sergei Gundorov, Ted Pattison, Amit Shuster

Join the Power BI Embedded Analytics product team to ask questions related to everything Power BI embedded related, as well as any new and coming features and tools, such as the new Power BI Embedded Playground for developers, Power BI client for Jupyter notebooks and more. Be sure to watch the on-demand session ‘Embed actionable analytics everywhere with Power BI Embedded’.


What’s new in analytics and governance

Speakers: Miguel Martinez, Josh Caplan, Euan Garden, Gaurav Malhotra, Saveen Reddy

Right after John Macintyre announces the latest innovations in analytics and governance, join members of the Azure Synapse, Azure Purview and Power BI product teams to get your questions answered! Whether it is about what’s new, what’s coming, or something specific, experts will be live to answer your questions in real-time.


Register today at MyBuild – Your home for Microsoft Build and get hands-on with the developer tools that will take your code to the next level. We look forward to seeing you!

All the best,
Your Power BI team

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