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Multiple data source definitions on the On-premises data gateway for the same data source

Headshot of article author Arthi Ramasubramanian Iyer

Gateway management until recently, supported only one data source definition per data source on an on-premises data gateway. This posed limitations for gateway admins as they couldn’t create multiple data sources to the same data source each with different credentials based on the required security context for each one. The workaround would be to spin up a new gateway for every such new data source.

Note: The data source name still needs to be unique for every data source definition.

Below you can see that a gateway admin has created two data source definitions for the same database AdventureWorks2017 on the same server.

Once you publish a Power BI report, in the Datasets settings, you will be able to see the list of data sources you have access to as below. You can now select one of these data sources.



If you are a gateway admin, you could also additionally choose to add a new data source(as shown below) and that would take you to the Manage Gateways page to create a new data source.


If you have access to only one data source, you must explicitly select that data source.

Once all required data sources have been set up and selected, click on apply to bind this dataset to the selected data source on the gateway.

Note: This feature is currently available only for datasets. We plan to release the same feature for dataflows soon. Currently in dataflows, until this change is rolled out, the first available data source would be automatically selected.

Do try out this feature and provide your feedback. As always we would love to hear from you, learn from your experience and improve based on your feedback.

Thank you!