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New export settings are available in the Power BI admin portal

Headshot of article author Anton Fritz

Power BI admin portal enables you to track and manage the Power BI settings for your organization. The portal includes items such as usage metrics, access to the Microsoft 365 admin center, and tenant settings.

We’re happy to introduce new admin settings which provide you more granular control over export options in Power BI, and extend export settings to control also export from paginated reports.

New tenant admin settings:

  • Export to .csv – Controls exporting data from tiles, visualizations, or paginated report to a .csv file.
  • Download report – Controls downloading .pbix files and paginated reports.
  • Allow live connections – Controls Power BI service Live Connect, including Analyze in Excel.
  • Export reports as MHTML documents – Controls exporting paginated reports as MHTML documents.
  • Export reports as Word documents – Controls exporting paginated reports as Word documents.
  • Export reports as XML documents – Controls exporting paginated reports as XML documents.

Note: For existing tenants, the Export to Excel, Export to .csv, Download report and Allow live connections settings replace the “Export data” setting which controlled export to Excel, CSV, download PBIX and Live connections . The configuration of the new settings equals the configuration that the Export data setting had, and therefore this change does not impact the current export behavior on your tenant.

Existing admin export settings that now control export from paginated reports:

  • Export to Excel – Controls exporting the data from a visualization or paginated report to an Excel file.
  • Export reports as PowerPoint presentations or PDF documents.
  • Print dashboards and reports.
  • Export reports as image files (preview).

The new settings provide you the flexibility to enable export to formats that are authorized by your organization’s security and compliance guidelines while keeping export from non-authorized formats disabled. Also, you now have more flexibility in controlling the export of paginated reports, which are available also as part of the new Power BI Premium per user public preview.

To learn more about Power BI admin export settings, please visit Power BI admin portal – Power BI | Microsoft Docs