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New monetization option for Power BI Custom Visuals through AppSource!

Headshot of article author Ranin Salameh

Power BI custom visuals have come a long way since they were announced as part of Power BI in 2015. Our AppSource library of custom visuals continues to grow as developers contribute more and more visuals available for download. With hundreds of exciting visuals, report authors can better tell their data stories.

Until recently, AppSource offered only Power BI visuals that had no cost associated with them.  In order to promote visuals containing advanced features and support a funding model for their development, we’re excited to announce that Power BI custom visuals with additional purchases is now available in AppSource!

A visual with additional purchases is similar to the in-app purchase add-ins (IAP) in the AppSource, which is marked with a price tag of ‘Additional purchase may be required.’ IAP custom visuals downloads are free  – no payment is required to download them from the AppSource, but they offer optional in-app purchases for advanced features. The advanced visuals enable Power BI users to enjoy data and achieve more.

The first IAP visuals by ZoomCharts are already available for download from AppSourcePower BI users can benefit from the use of the advanced visuals available today: Advanced Donut, Advanced Combo, Advanced TimeSeries, and Advanced Network Visualization.

If you have a custom visual, you’d like to publish to AppSource, learn more about the process here. If you are interested in creating your own visualizations See Develop a Power BI custom visual to learn how.

Thank you to the Power BI custom visual community, who is the force that drives the success of this platform.


Stay tuned for more IAP Power BI visuals with advanced features coming to AppSource soon!


Advanced Donut Visual

Advanced Donut Visual is designed for in-depth exploration of multi-level data. This visual lets you select between pie, donut, and gauge chart types for better data representation.

  • Multi-level drill-down: Touch or click the slice you’re interested in and drill down to the next level to easily navigate and explore your data.
  • Up to 9 drill-down levels: Add up to 9 different categories and drill down for an in-depth analysis within a single chart.




Advanced Combo Visual

Advanced Combo Visual is designed for in-depth exploration of complex category-based data. This visual lets you choose from a column, line, or area and customize the appearance for each individual series.

  • Zoom-in/Zoom-out: Dynamically change size of the columns by dragging the chart to any side or using pinch gesture.
  • Up to 12 different series: Combine up to 12 series with unlimited categories to fully explore your data within a single chart.
  • Stacks and clusters: On top of being able to adjust the chart type for any of the 12 series, you can also stack and cluster them by setting additional properties.





Advanced TimeSeries Visual

Advanced TimeSeries Visual lets you view and explore time-based data of up to 12 series with unlimited categories. You can choose from a column, line, or area and customize the appearance for each individual series.

  • Time unit aggregation: TimeSeries aggregates data for you by date and time at a transactional level. You can aggregate data starting from milliseconds and up-to decades.
  • Time unit drill-down/drill-up: Interact with any part of the chart to drill-down to the desired time span.



Advanced Network Visual

Advanced Network Visual lets you easily visualize, filter, and explore tabular data.

  • Customizable vertices, edges and links: Customize color, radius, labels, size, image and shape of your vertices and edges.
  • Up to 9 categories: Add up to 9 categories of vertices for in-depth exploration of your data.
  • Images support: Liven up your reports with images for the vertices that should be emphasized.





For more information and useful links about each visual, use the newly added info button in the upper corner of the chart.