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New Power BI Region in South Africa!

Headshot of article author David Magar

Power BI now has its first available region in Africa, the South Africa North region, located in Johannesburg!

The new region allows customers to locate their Power BI deployments closer to their data sources, either in Azure or on-premises, enabling faster performance of data refresh and lower networking egress costs.

With the addition of this new region, Power BI is now available in 19 regions in our global public cloud, in addition to six regions in our three national clouds: Power BI for US Government, Power BI Germany, and Power BI in China (operated by 21Vianet).

New public cloud customers are automatically provisioned in one of these regions based on their tenant country and state. Existing public cloud customers can leverage additional regions by deploying Power BI Premium Multi-Geo capacity.  The regions are also available for Power BI Embedded users when they provision capacities through the Azure portal or API.