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New way of getting apps

Headshot of article author Teddy Bercovitz

Finding the right tool for the job is often tricky, especially as your colleagues are sharing more apps with you and given the ever-growing variety of apps available on the AppSource marketplace.

We’re thrilled to introduce a new look for getting apps! As of today, getting an app from your organization or from the AppSource marketplace has never been easier!

When template apps became generally available last year, many partners began contributing apps that connect us to common services most of us use daily such as Dynamics, YouTube, Google Analytics. These apps cover a wide variety of categories, such as sales, finance, IT, HR, and more. Template apps, which provide quality, pre-built reports in addition to connecting you to your data, enable Power BI pro users to ask smarter business questions and get to actionable insights faster by simply installing an app.

Unified view

As of today, when you press Get apps (on the Power BI apps page) you will land in a brand-new gallery experience where you can get apps both from your organization and from the AppSource marketplace. In this new, unified view, it is easy to explore, search, and find the apps you need. Template apps are marked with a blue shopping-cart icon, while apps from your organization can be installed directly via Get it now.  Hovering over an app  expands the description of the app, and for template apps you can even see the AppSource rating score. We’ve made sure to surface higher ranked apps first.

Filter & Search

Want to see just apps from your organization or from the AppSource marketplace? No problem! You can filter by organizational apps or template apps.

We’ve also improved the search so you can go deeper. You can now search by publisher name, by app name, or even by category, to find what you need faster.


Power BI template apps enable partners to build and publish apps to AppSource that provide out-of-the-box content to customers with little or no coding. Check out our documentation and get started today!