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Object-Level Security (OLS) is now generally available in Power BI Premium and Pro!

Headshot of article author Ogbemi Ekwejunor-Etchie

We’re moving the object-level security feature from public preview to general availability in Power BI Premium and Pro! This feature is just one of the many tools in our broad investment in security to ensure your data is protected, while bringing data insights to everyone across your enterprise. For more details on Power BI’s enhanced security capabilities and overarching strategy check out the Microsoft Power BI security whitepaper and security announcement.

For those who missed the public preview announcement, object-level security (OLS) enables model authors to secure sensitive tables or columns from report viewers– sensitive data, for example includes personally identifiable information (PII). From the standpoint of the user without proper access, the secured table or column does not exist. In addition, object names and metadata are also secured to prevent a malicious user from discovering that such an object even exists. This added layer of security prevents users without the appropriate access levels from discovering business critical or sensitive personal information. Authoring OLS rules in the Power BI dataset can be performed with tools that utilize the XMLA endpoint. Be sure to check out the public preview object level security announcement for more details and how to enable this feature!