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On-Premises Data Gateway August update

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This month in gateways, we’ve added support for new data sources for the on-premises data gateway (enterprise gateway)*, and the Power BI personal gateway. In this blog we will walk you through these new data sources, and also talk about monitoring your gateway.

First, here’s the link to download the latest gateways:


*  If you’re confused about the new gateway name, make sure to check out our announcement last month.


ODBC Refresh is now supported for On-premises data gateway

In this update, we’re enabling refreshing ODBC connections in Power BI using the on-premises data gateway. This update will only support scheduled refresh.

Just like any other supported data sources, you will have to first add it to your gateway from “Manage gateways” so you can choose the gateway on scheduled refresh page. Under “Add new data source” you will see “ODBC” under the list of supported data sources. You need to provide the Connections string, authentication and you’re good to go.


With this update we’re happy to mark another Power BI idea as complete, please keep your ideas and votes coming!


Personal gateway now supports R script

The personal gateway now enables refreshing R scripts in the Power BI service. You will need this to refresh any Power BI report that includes an R step, which will use R engine hosted on the personal gateway on-premises. You can learn more about using R script in Power BI here.

Monitoring On-premises data gateway

In February this year we have introduced the gateway performance counters. These counters give gateway admins visibility into how their gateways and gateway machines are performing against query traffic. Since then, we’ve hearing about different ways customers have been using these counters. In today’s post I’d like to share one of the work-flows one of our customers has built around their gateway counters. Last week Brett Powell from the Power BI community has shared how him and his team has built a Power BI report using these gateway counters. In his post, he shares all related details about the process they followed, and in the next few days he’ll be adding the PBIX to make it even easier for anyone to set up a similar reports to monitor their gateways. This is link to blog post:

We hope that you find these features valuable and continue sending us feedback on how to make Power BI gateways even better. Please don’t forget to vote for other features that you would like to see in the future.

Also, feel free to send us your questions or feedback directly to and join the conversation at the Power BI Community.

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