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On-premises data gateway March update is now available

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We are excited to announce that we have just released the March update for the On-premises data gateway. Here are some of the things that we would like to highlight with this month’s release:

  • The release month is now displayed next to the version number to make it easy to determine which release you are currently on.
  • The on-premises data gateway now includes the March version of the mashup engine.


You can download this new version from the link below and continue reading for more details about each enhancement.



Showing the month of the release next to the version number

Based on your feedback, we are now making it easier for you to determine which version of the gateway you currently have installed. Since we release the gateway on monthly basis, you will see moving forward the month and the year of the release in the status tab of the on-premises data gateway client.


For this month, the version number of the gateway clients is 14.16.6550.1 and the release is the March 2018 release.





Updated version of the mashup engine

This gateway update includes the same version of the Mashup engine as the Power BI Desktop update released earlier this month. This will ensure that the reports that you publish to the Power BI Service and refresh via the gateway will go through the same query execution logic/runtime as in the latest Power BI Desktop version. Note that there are some Beta connectors that are still not supported outside of Power BI Desktop. Please refer to specific connector documentation for more details or contact us if you have any questions.

That’s all for this month’s gateway update. We hope that you find these enhancements useful and continue sending us feedback for what new capabilities you’d like to see in the future.

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