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Paginated Reports now supported in Apps in Power BI

Headshot of article author Christopher Finlan

With Power BI apps, you can create collections of dashboards and reports and publish these apps to your whole organization or to specific people or groups.  For the second post in our series we’re calling “New Feature Friday”, we’re pleased to announce that Paginated Reports can now be published from your workspaces as part of your apps in Power BI Premium.  This feature has been highly anticipated, as apps are the primary distribution method of content for many customers.

Over the coming week, you’ll see this feature go live across both your legacy app workspaces and those as part of the New Workspace Experience that went to production last week.  Once live, you’ll see the toggle in the App Workspace is now set by default to “Included in App” for each paginated report you wish to deploy as part of the app from the workspace.  This means the feature is live, and you may now start deploying your paginated reports as part of the app.

App Workspace View

Once deployed, you can share the app with your included paginated reports and other report content with users across your entire organization.

Deploy App picture

Users can then view the deployed Paginated Reports directly in the app!

Paginated Report Bear report

We’re excited to see you start deploying your paginated reports in your Power BI Apps, and look forward to hearing your feedback around this latest feature release for Paginated Reports.  Next week we’ll have another major feature announcement on Friday – one that’s been a top ask ever since we announced our public preview.

Thanks and have a great weekend!