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Power BI Dataflows September 2019 Feature Summary

Headshot of article author Mohammad Ali

We are excited to announce new improvements to Power BI dataflows releasing this month including non-admin gateway support and further improvements to the enhanced compute engine. We also have released a new best practices guide for dataflows to help you make the best use of the new enhanced compute engine.


Non-admin gateway support

Dataflows now allows users to create data sources against gateways they are a member of. Prior to this update, users would need to be an admin of the gateway before they could create a dataflow against the respective data source. A new user field now shows during gateway selection to show you which gateways you are a user of vs which you are an admin of.

Current limitations with Non-admin gateways

The blank connector is currently unsupported but will be supported in the coming months. Also, if you wish to use different credentials for the underlying data source, this currently does not work and will result in an error when trying to create or refresh. This is a current limitation with dataflows, and we hope to soon support this.


Enhanced compute engine improvements

We have made a range of improvements and bug fixes over the last couple of weeks which should result in improved refresh times and stability when refreshing. Also, we have now rolled out to multiple regions. There are still some regions which are not supported but we hope to enable them by the end of the calendar year.


Dataflows best practices

Check out the new best practices document for dataflows which goes through some of the most common user problems and how to best make use of the enhanced compute engine. The document can be found here