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Power BI Desktop Installer Changes & WebView2

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As mentioned in the June and July feature summaries, we are switching a vital component of Power BI from CefSharp to WebView2. We’re making this switch to better optimize our development and release process (which means we’ll be able to spend more time developing new features!). It also means that you’ll automatically get the latest security patches as the WebView2 team ships them instead of waiting for us to update Power BI Desktop.

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WebView2 will be required soon

We will start requiring WebView2 in the January release of Power BI Desktop for Power BI Report Server and in the February release of Power BI Desktop. To avoid interruptions, we recommend installing WebView2 now and turning on the preview feature as discussed in the July feature summary in Power BI Desktop. Starting with the next release of Power BI Desktop you will also see a prompt inside the application to remind you about this.

Installing and enabling WebView2 in Power BI Desktop

To use WebView2, you will need to install it and then enabling WebView2 in Power BI Desktop.

First, install WebView2 by downloading and running the installer on your machine. Power BI Desktop will also try to install WebView2 when you install Power BI Desktop using the .exe installer. If you are using the Microsoft Store version, you cannot benefit from this change right now.

After you installed WebView2, if you’d like to start using Power BI Desktop with WebView2 instead of CefSharp right away, you can enable it through the Power BI Desktop infrastructure update preview feature. The option will only be visible if you have WebView2 installed. Once you’ve turned it on and restarted Power BI Desktop, we’ll automatically start using WebView2. You shouldn’t notice any changes between the two experiences, but of course, please let us know if you do have any issues.

The "Power BI Desktop infrastructure update" preview feature checked within the Options dialog.

What to do if you cannot install WebView2

If you cannot install WebView2 or if the Power BI Desktop installation is managed by your administrator, please notify them of this upcoming requirement so they can make the necessary preparations. If you are an administrator, please read more about deploying the WebView2 runtime in your organization.