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Power BI Embedded is now Generally Available!

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Today it’s my pleasure to announce the General Availability of Microsoft Power BI Embedded. Power BI Embedded is a globally available, cloud-scale service that gives ISVs the ability to create, deploy, and manage data-rich applications with ease.  By leveraging Microsoft Power BI, ISVs can bring compelling and interactive data visualizations to their customers.  This empowers users to explore and engage with data visualizations which are built into their applications, helping to quickly and easily unlock insights, and take action.

The Power BI Embedded service enables ISVs to build even more powerful and compelling applications with Power BI.  The General Availability release includes the following capabilities:

  • World-wide availability: Power BI Embedded is available worldwide enabling deployment of Embedded service resources as close as possible to your customers.
  • Data security: ISVs can build large-scale, multi-tenant applications and secure their data based on the user context with Row Level Security.
  • Store your data in cloud SQL: ISV customers can store data in Azure SQL, Azure SQL DW and other cloud-accessible, SQL-compatible sources.
  • Export data from visuals: users can easily export the data from any visual in their report with just 2-clicks.
  • SDK support: SDKs for .NET and JavaScript simplify the development process
  • Versioned APIs: All REST APIs for the Power BI Embedded service are properly versioned. Developers can be sure they’re building against stable APIs even as new features are released.
  • Simpler billing: Coming in September, the billing model for Power BI Embedded will be further simplified by charging for report loads rather than individual visuals.

The growth of Power BI Embedded has been phenomenal.  Companies from early stage start-ups to large established SaaS vendors have deployed Power BI Embedded for use by their customers.  Here are a few great examples:

Nintex is a global leader in workflow automation. Nintex Hawkeye is a cloud-based workflow analytics solution that provides detailed insights into an organization’s automated business processes. “Power BI Embedded allows us to decouple our visualization and analytical capabilities from our core engineering effort. This means we have a cross functional team from our Product Management, User Experience and User Assistance all contributing to our Power BI Embedded visualizations, and delivering them to our customers as soon as they are ready. Integrating Power BI Embedded was extremely fast and easy. We were able to take our existing investments in the Power BI ecosystem and seamlessly integrate into our app within days, not months” – Alain Gentilhomme, CTO, Nintex

Openhour helps people and organizations improve productivity by understanding how their time is spent, Openhour is using Power BI Embedded as the data visualization platform for its TimeTracker application.  “The decision to integrate Power BI Embedded within TimeTracker is already paying off… Our dashboard development was greatly accelerated with fantastic results, and our clients love the visualization of their timesheet data and financial reports.” — Mark Hirsch, CEO of Openhour

AvePoint, known for its integrated cloud, hybrid, and on-premises software solutions, recently chose Power BI Embedded as the visualization platform for AvePoint Citizen Services.  “Power BI Embedded allows us to take advantage of the power, ease-of-use and rich out-of-the-box visualizations right within our own SaaS offering.  The integration is dead-simple and the customer doesn’t need to have their own Power BI license or workspace.  Going with Power BI Embedded for this project was an easy choice to make.”  — Paul Olenick, AvePoint Director of Product Strategy

EdWire, an ISV that provides a one-stop-shop for school district administrators to make comprehensive data-driven decisions, recently adopted Power BI Embedded.  “Power BI Embedded has allowed us to create an incredibly powerful and functional application for our users that is both easy to use and cost effective… EdWire and Power BI Embedded is a perfect partnership.” — Jean-Francois Guertin, CTO of EdWire, Inc

Simply Measured has been actively working with the Power BI Embedded service to enhance their social analytics solution.  “As a company, Simply Measured has been a heavy user of Power BI to visualize and make sense of our own social and attribution analytics data.  With Power BI Embedded, we’re now able to offer those capabilities to our entire customer base through a seamless integrated experience within our existing product offerings.” — Aviel Ginzburg, VP of product for Simply Measured

Act-On, a marketing automation company, has been looking for the best, most efficient, and powerful way to improve how their customers run their business in the cloud.  With many of Act-On’s customers already using solutions like Dynamics CRM, “we knew leveraging Power BI Embedded and Microsoft Azure would increase our customers’ operational efficiency and give them the ability to leverage sales and marketing intelligence to drive better business outcomes.” — Bill Pierznik, SVP of business development at Act-On.

Like what you see?  You can get started now in a few different ways:

  1. Get started with the Power BI Embedded service for free
  2. See a live example of a Power BI Embedded web application in action here
  3. Learn more about the Power BI Embedded service, how it works, and what you can do

And we’re not done!  Power BI Embedded has an exciting roadmap of capabilities waiting to be released.  Check out our Power BI Developer Blog for regular updates as new features are made available!

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