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Power BI September and October Roundup

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September and October were busy months for Power BI and Excel. Filtering and Custom Maps finally made it to Power Map while the avalanche of Power Query updates keeps coming and coming, including Salesforce connectivity support. Among the articles over the last couple of months, a triathlon analysis and more customer stories stand out. Enjoy!

September and October Product Updates

09/09/14 – Filtering and Custom Maps arrive to Power Map with September update

09/30/14 – 4 new updates in Power Query

10/13/14 – Announcing Power Query support for

10/21/14 – Excel Power Map October Update

10/28/14 – 6 New Updates in Power Query

September and October Power BI Articles

09/05/14 – Preparing CRM Online + SharePoint + Exchange + Power BI Trial: Andre Margono shows us in this 5 part series how to take advantage of CRM Online and Power BI

09/10/14 – What is Power BI?: Excellent article by Rob Collie from PowerPivotPro on how Excel and Power BI work together

09/10/14 – 3 Great Examples: Data Done Well: 3 customers stories that show how analyzing data and unlocking insights helped businesses succeed

09/11/14 – Three Steps To Gleaning Actionable Insights Using Power BI: Pedro Ardila delivers an amazing analysis on triathlons using Excel and Power BI

10/07/14 – 5 minute tutorial for creating custom maps with Excel and Power Map: The Power Map team shows you how to create custom maps in 5 minutes

10/08/14 – 6 cool ways to Use Custom Maps: James Marshall from the Power Map team shows us cool ways to use this new feature

10/24/14 – Using Power Query and Power Map to visualize public data of the windmills in Denmark: Erik Svensen shows from end to end how to tap into public data with Power Query and visualize with Power Map

10/27/14 – Querying Project Online with Natural Language: Andrew Lavinsky shows how to use Q&A to visualize data from Project Online

10/30/14 – Getting Started with Excel and Power BI Series: The Power BI and Excel teams added 3 more articles to our getting started series. Check it out!

Hope these articles are useful to you. As always, don’t forget to send us any interesting posts or articles you find about Excel and Power BI! We are always looking to share great Power BI content with our community.

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