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Power BI Windows app has new look (preview)!

Headshot of article author Maya Shenhav

Power BI Windows app is designed to provide great Power BI consumption experience for Windows users. Business users who do not need to create or edit reports can use this app for simpler and easier view and usage of reports, dashboards and apps.

In this release we are introducing preview of Power BI Windows app’s new look, which includes new home page. This new home page is a centralized hub for all your Power BI content giving you quick and easy access in one place.


At the top of the screen, you’ll have access to the items you access frequently. The items have thumbnail to give a visual hint about its content. Below the frequent strip, you’ll find table with multiple views for your recent, favorite, shared and other items.

Each item has quick access to actions you can apply on, such open, pin to favorite and open in presentation mode. Just click on the ellipsis to view what actions are available.

As you probably noticed, the left navigation has new entry for the homepage, so you can always access the homepage from anywhere within the app.

Improved performance

When building the app’s new look our goal was not only to improve the experience through beautiful user interface, but also improve the experience through improved app’s performance.  Therefore, as part of building the new look we also built some of the app’s infrastructure for caching, background processing and more.

Try it now!

Once you get the latest version from the store, you see that there is a toggle at the top of the screen for “New look”. This toggle will be there for the preview period, letting you decide when the best time is for you to transition to the new look.

Turn it on and to update your app to start working with the new look (no restart to the app is needed).