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Using Excel Reports in Power BI is Easier than Ever with Local Files Support

Headshot of article author Sharon Laivand

Today we are excited to announce a major improvement to Excel reports in Power BI: Uploading a complete Excel workbook from everywhere, including local files on your PC or on other storage service.
Customers keep telling us how useful are Excel reports in Power BI because ease of sharing and because of the embedded Excel goodies such as Pivot Tables, conditional formatting and drill-down to data.

Today we enhance the ability to upload Excel reports to Power BI beyond files that are stored in OneDrive. Now it is possible to upload Excel reports to Power BI from everywhere, in particular from your local drive or from other storage services. While uploading Excel reports from OneDrive will keep being an important use-case, the new upload from local files capabilities will enable non-OneDrive users to benefit from Excel reports in Power BI.

Screenshot: uploading Excel workbook from local file

This newly added capability is just a part of the existing and future Power BI and Excel better-together capabilities:
•    Analyze Power BI data in Excel
•    Connect to an Excel workbook from Power BI
•    Pin Excel elements or ranges to dashboards from Power BI Excel reports
•    Pin Excel elements or ranges to dashboards with Excel Publisher
•    Publish data from Excel 2016 to Power BI

At this first step, data connections refresh is still not supported for Excel reports that are uploaded from local files, we are working to implement this capability in the next step.

For further reading look at the documentation page.
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Keep uploading, from everywhere!