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Release update for Sept 2020 release of Power BI Report Server

Headshot of article author Christopher Finlan

In October 2018, we committed to you three releases of Power BI Report Server each year, to be shipped in January, May, and September.  We did this to provide transparency around the release timing and allow customers to plan their upgrade cycles accordingly. 


In this same spirit of transparency, we’ve made the decision to delay the Sept 2020 release by one month and ship in October.  We don’t make this decision lightly, but with the introduction of the new enhanced metadata format to the Desktop/service in preview in March, we knew this required extensive changes in Report Server to ensure it would be properly supported as the feature moves to General Availability.  To complete the work to support this new format in Power BI Report Server for customers, we needed to either move ahead with the September release having it unsupported and wait until January, or delay the release by one month and ensure it was included and supported.  Based on your feedback, it was clear we should wait one month to ensure all of the changes are completed in the server to support this new format for customers vs. waiting until the new calendar year.     


We remain committed to the normal release cadence moving forward, and customers can look forward to the January 2021 release shipping as planned.