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Security Group Support for Log Analytics Integration (Preview)

Headshot of article author Bhavik Merchant

Today I’m pleased to announce an important enhancement to the Public Preview of our integration with Azure Log Analytics for Premium workspaces which was announced in June. We now support AD Security Groups for this feature!

This can be set in the Tenant Settings page. We follow the same design pattern with other tenant settings, so with this update Tenant Administrators can control the groups of Workspace administrators that are allowed to connect with Log Analytics.

We wanted to get this out to you as quickly as possible, so we moved the setting to the “Audit and usage settings” section of the Tenant settings page to take advantage of the existing security framework. The following image shows you the new setting.





We know that this level of control was needed for some of you to safely test this feature with a controlled group of users. We trust this update will allow you to try it out and look forward to hearing more feedback.