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See Power BI Preview Features in action at the Power BI World Tour

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With the Power BI Release Notes you can get visibility into the future of the Power platform and what the PowerApps, Flow and Power BI teams are planning.

We are proud to announce at the up coming Power BI World Tour we will be showing many of these features live in demos and break out sessions.  If you are not familiar with the Power BI World Tour it is a seven city conference bringing attendees unprecedented access to premium Power BI content designed by your local industry experts and delivered with the Power BI development team.  This two-day event will feature over 24 breakout session across three learning tracks, engaging networking opportunities, and the latest Power BI innovations from Microsoft.

Some of these features we will be demoing: 

Bringing AI to Power BI – Learn how Power BI is infusing AI into the product to accelerate insights, reduce manual work, and provide users with new ways of analyzing their data. Whether you are a business user expecting to get answers faster, an analyst interested in using out-of-the-box AI models, or a data scientist looking to scale up the impact of your work – join this session and find out how the new AI features help you achieve this.

Enterprise reporting – Popular and proven SQL Server Reporting Services technology is now part of Power BI, creating a unified, secure, enterprise wide reporting platform accessible to any user across devices. Pixel-perfect paginated reports can now be included alongside Power BI’s existing interactive reports.

Comments in Power BI – Show how you can directly add comments to dashboards and specific visuals to discuss your data. You don’t need to rely on your favorite screenshotting tool and email client to start a conversation; comments allow you to do all that in the same view!

Starting with the Common Data Model – Show how Power BI can support a Common Data Model, published by Microsoft, that provides a standard yet extensible collection of data schemas (entities, attributes, and relationships) for business applications. Users can take advantage of a standard schema – or customize it based on their unique needs – to simplify how they enrich their data with other data sources, from Microsoft and third parties, to accelerate analysis.

Self-service data prep with dataflows for big data – We’re expanding self-service data prep in Power BI with new capabilities to help business analysts extract insights from big data. Using the Power Query experience already familiar to millions of Power BI Desktop and Excel users, business analysts can ingest, transform, integrate, and enrich big data with Power BI – including data from a large and growing set of supported on-premises and cloud-based data sources, such as Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Excel, and SharePoint. Users can directly map data to known entities, modify and extend existing entities, or create custom entities all within Power BI.

New workspaces experience

  • Manage access to workspaces easily using security groupsdistribution lists, and even multiple Office 365 Groups
  • Create a workspace in Power BI without creating an Office 365 group
  • New tools for Power BI Admins to effectively manage workspaces, including APIs for Admins
  • Starting to retire organizational and service content packs


Composite models

Composite models allow you to mix import and tabular direct query sources as well as have multiple tabular DirectQuery sources. This lets you augment your enterprise data models with imported tables.

Modelers can create a Power BI Desktop file over a DirectQuery datasource, and then also add tables that are imported from another data source. To support this new model structure, we also are introducing many-to-many relationships and tables that are in dual mode, which means they can act as import or DirectQuery, depending on what other tables you add to the visuals. Power BI will then intelligently serve answers to your analyses from either the imported data or by pushing a query to the underlying datasource.


Power BI Home

Power BI Home provides an at-a-glance view of a user's most important metrics and a launching point to navigate to content. The top section contains tiles and visuals from a user's most important dashboards and reports. Below that, the quick access section provides easy access to favorites curated by the user as well as the most frequently used content from the user's prior Power BI usage. A new global search experience allows users to quickly find content across all of Power BI. For users new to Power BI, Home will contain additional sections with tips on getting started.

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