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Share inspiration in the new Data Stories Gallery (and get a t-shirt!)

Headshot of article author Jessica Cook

The most interesting Power BI reports are a careful blend of visuals and data. If you focus too much on style, you risk having it overshadow the message of your work. Focus too much on data, on the other hand, and the impact of your insights is lost in a sea of numbers.

The right combination of style and substance, though, will bring your data to life. Power BI wants to celebrate the most unique, informative, and impactful reports created by our community, which is why we’re pleased to announce the launch of the Data Stories Gallery.

The new Gallery provides an updated environment for both story creators and story browsers. When you click on a story in the Gallery, our publish to web feature automatically loads the full, interactive report at the top of the page, so viewers can browse through every visual, cross filter between items, and use slicers when available. They can leave a comment for the story owner, or just give a “thumbs up” kudo.

We welcome all Power BI Community members to share their best data stories, and every month we will highlight some particularly exemplary submissions. Once you’ve posted a new data story, tweet a link to it with the hashtags #powerbi #datastory. At the end of each month we’ll review all tweeted stories, and choose several to become featured. Featured stories will be selected for:

  • Telling a compelling, insightful, and enlightening story
  • Being original and creative
  • Effectively using Power BI

Please note that all submissions to the Data Stories Gallery are public, and should not include confidential or private data.

We’ll also select one featured story each month to receive a Power BI t-shirt and a special badge of recognition for your Community profile.

The Data Stories Gallery is open now! We can’t wait to see your inspiring data stories, and to share the Power BI Community’s hard work and talent with the world.