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Power BI and PowerPoint: A Powerful Combination for Data Visualization is now generally available

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Power BI and PowerPoint are now better together than ever before. We’re excited to announce the general availability of the Power BI integration with PowerPoint, which brings the world’s most powerful data visualization tool to the world’s most popular presentation program. The value of this integration is clear: it lets people easily add interactive Power BI data visualizations to their PowerPoint presentations, making them more interactive, more informative, and more engaging.

With Power BI, people can create rich, interactive visualizations that can easily be embedded into PowerPoint slides. This means that anyone can now create dynamic, data-driven presentations that are sure to impress their audiences.

What else is new?

Today, we’re also shipping new and exciting capabilities to make it even easier for you to enhance your presentations with data and insights:

  • You can now paste a single Power BI visual into the PowerPoint add-in.
    During the preview period, you told us that sometimes you want to add just a single chart to a slide. Well, I’m happy to share that now we’ve made it possible. And not only that, all the capabilities currently available for reports are also available for single visuals.

In Power BI, simply right-click the visual itself or open the visual’s More options (…) menu, choose Share, and then use the new Open in PowerPoint to get a link. The link that is generated points to the visual and includes all the filters that are currently applied.

  • Another feature we’re shipping today is Smart insights. Smart insights give you the ability to quickly generate text that summarizes the data in your slide, making it easier to communicate key insights and findings. With Smart insights, you can quickly and easily create compelling stories from your data without any manual data analysis or writing. You generate Smart insights from the Data actions menu in the add-in footer. The option is available for the whole report page and individual visual.
    The text generated by Smart insight can easily be added to your slide, helping you clearly explain the data and highlight the relevant insights.

  • If you’re asking yourself what else we’re planning to add in the future and how you’ll find out about it, a new “What’s new” banner we’re releasing tells you about all the newest features coming to the add-in. Selecting the “Find out more” link opens a “Features” learning page to tell you more. You’ll never need to miss out on new capabilities to help you create stunning, data-driven presentations.

The Power BI integration with PowerPoint is now available in national clouds

Having Power BI Storytelling generally available means that the Power BI integration with PowerPoint is now available in national clouds. Users in national clouds will also be able to take advantage of the powerful combination of Power BI and PowerPoint.
Since the Office add-ins store can’t be accessed from national clouds, we’ve made it possible for Power BI admins to get the add-in directly from the Power BI website, after which they can go to the M365 admin center and distribute it throughout their organization using the centralized deployment tool.

Read this article to learn more about how to get and deploy the add-in in national clouds.

In summary

The Power BI integration with PowerPoint is a game-changer for data visualization and presentation. With the ability to easily add interactive visuals and generate text narratives, users can create dynamic, data-driven presentations that are sure to engage their audiences.
We’ll be excited to see how users take advantage of this powerful partnership in their work to drive decisions based on data.

Please note that we’re rolling out these changes incrementally, so you may need to wait a few days before they’re all available in your region.

For further information, check out our documentation!