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Stream sensor data to Power BI with Temboo

Headshot of article author The Power BI Team

The Internet of Things is here to stay and Power BI has partnered with Temboo to make it easy to monitor and visualize your real-time sensor data.

Temboo‘s cloud based code virtualization platform automatically generates production ready code across multiple programming languages for software and hardware developers. You can easily connect your hardware to the internet using the auto-generated code and copy/pasting into your IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics). Once connected, Temboo‘s platform allows you to perform more than 2,000 actions with your device.


Using the real time dashboard capabilities of Power BI and Temboo’s Streaming service, “users can now stream data directly into Power BI where it can be visualized and monitored in real-time, and analyzed using rich visual and natural language exploration capabilities.” says James Phillips, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Data Experiences

Watch this video to see how Power BI and Temboo work together.