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Posts tagged: Machine Learning

Visualizing and interacting with your Azure Machine Learning Studio experiments

Microsoft Senior Program Manager Christian Berg is back with another entry in his series on becoming your organization's strategic advisor with Machine Learning and Power BI. In part 6, he lookd at connecting to an Azure ML Studio experiment with an Rviz and then building on that to create a dynamic report to explore cross price elasticities. He also looks at a simpler example where we instead use DAX to explore the impact of different discount percentages, based on an assumption about our elasticity.

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Bringing more text analytics to the Bing News Solution Template

We are excited to announce support for ‘bring your own entities’ for the Bing News solution template! The Bing News template allows brand managers to find articles most relevant to them by filtering on sentiment, trending topics as well as entities like locations, organizations and people. One of the most common feature requests we received was the ability to define your own list of words and use that to slice your data. A product manager may want to e.g. create a list of products or company names and use that to slice and dice collected news articles. Read on to find out how you can incorporate your own entities into the news template today!

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New blog series: Become your organization’s strategic advisor with Machine Learning and Power BI

Are you ready to put your organization on a path of continuous improvement using the most valuable decision support techniques? Check out Microsoft Senior Program Manager Christian Berg's timely series of essays on how to become your organization's strategic advisor using Machine Learning and Power BI, available on the Community Blog. Each post takes on a different aspect of business intelligence, and includes a how-to section to get you started creating customized solutions for your team. Most analysis in the posts is done using the R language, but Christian tries to keep any scripts generic enough that anyone can apply them to their own data even without prior hands-on R experience.

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Power BI & Azure ML Better Together

There has been a lot of interest in the analytics community to be able to visualize the output of an Azure Machine Learning model inside Power BI. To add to the challenge, it would also be great to operationalize Azure ML models through the Power BI service. Imagine you could have Power BI regularly bringing in the latest output of your fraud model or the sentiment for recent Tweets about your products. The following tutorial will outline a proposed approach for doing just that.

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