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The CustomData feature is now generally available in Power BI!

Headshot of article author Ogbemi Ekwejunor-Etchie

The capability to pass custom data for row level security is now available in Power BI Premium, Power BI Embedded, and Power BI Premium per User. You can natively utilize the CustomData feature to add row filters that pass free text (strings) to leverage dynamic row level security in embedded reports, dashboards, and tiles. In the past, this feature was limited to Azure Analysis Services models and could not be used with datasets in Power BI. Now, you can leverage this function for your custom application authentication scenarios! This is especially great news for our Power BI Embedded customers who wish to leverage the rich feature suite of Power BI Premium. It’s also another step in our vision of Power BI as a superset of AAS for those migrating from Azure Analysis Services to Power BI Premium.

Check out Row-level security with Power BI Embedded for more details on this capability.