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What’s new on the Power BI Mobile apps?

Headshot of article author The Power BI Team

by Romi Koifman, Program Manager, Power BI Mobile

Moving fast!

Not long after our latest release, we are happy to announce another update to Power BI mobile apps.

We are determined to continue to deliver value to our customers with new and continuous updates. See details below on our latest store release packed with cool features and improvements!

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Power BI group workspaces

Groups in Power BI bring you and your colleagues together to collaborate, communicate, and connect with your data across Office 365. See more info here. Now you can access all your group workspaces content directly from you mobile device.


Better support for date/time based tiles

Following users’ feedback we fixed some issues reported for dashboard tiles that were built using Google Analytics content packs and have a dependency on time zones.

Authentication model upgrade

We added support for SSO (single sign-on). Now you only need to sign-in once to any Microsoft app on your mobile device and it will automatically sign you in to all the others.

We also added some fixes for improving performance and latency of the sign in process so you can start using your data even faster than before!

Improved navigation on iOS

Put your data in the center! We have improved our navigation to a more modern slick drawer leaving the main stage for your data, optimizing the experience and allowing more space for your data.


Moving forward, leaving older version behind

To keep up with the iOS fast evolution and offer more advanced functionality while keeping up with the most current security standards, we will stop supporting iOS7 starting this release and will work towards full support of Power BI apps on the upcoming iOS 9 update.

Adding support to non-signed in users

Our sign-in process is designed to be quick and easy, but for those cases where that might not be the case we added a fast intuitive way to contact our support for additional help on Android devices.


Improve the experience for RLS empty state

Are you working with Row level security dashboards for the first time? We added clearer messaging to guide you through the first time experience.

Improve data representation on line chart tiles

We fixed our line charts data representation to better compress x-axis on Line charts

Mobile authentic Matrix tile

Following our community demand we improved the scroll and touch gestures of the matrix tile. Now you can easily scroll down your matrix tile and get all the data natively and mobile optimized.  This work is not yet completed, additional improvements are coming in next apps’ updates.

Improved data formatting of charts

We improved our data formatting and fixed several issues reported by users aligning all dashboard tiles to look exactly as designed on the web client.

Offer feedback and provide rating

We’re constantly looking for user feedback and appreciate any input we get. To increase the community’s influence on our roadmap, improvements and promoted issues we also actively encourage users to provide feedback directly from the app.

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We want to hear your suggestions! Post your ideas for features in our Power BI Mobile feedback forum.