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Cognizant - Next Generation Device Health Analytics

nXg Device Analytics is a sophisticated analytical solution framework that addresses device failure prediction and generates a holistic picture of device health and performance. It can also be customized by businesses and easily implemented for their needs.

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Cognizant developed a solution that will assist in the triage & trouble shoot Device Failure through Predicative Failure Analytics, and BI Visualization. Some of the major features that NxG DH provides to device dependent businesses are:

Huge Raw Data Ingestion: Extracts, manages and analyzes the wealth of information that is available from devices.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for Devices: Diagnosis on service disruptions will lead to better network operations leading to reduced cost of ownership

Improve Customer Experience: Reduction in service disruption also causes enhancement in customer experience

Device Inventory Rationalization : By providing a 360°view of device data NxG helps in Vendor / Model rationalization by reducing low performing devices

Device Optimization: Helps Reduce device health and performance choke points, turnaround time for device resolutions and develop self-healing programs for frequently occurring errors BI Visualization

BI Visualization

Device Overview:

An aggregated view of all devices and their basic distribution across various parameters like manufacturers, image name etc.

Device Events and Errors:

A prioritized view of events as well as errors that have been captured by the devices

A Weekly summary of the Errors and Events represented by heat map which enables to capture the highlights quickly.

Device by Geo:

Geographical displaying the color intensity based on the error count of individual states as well as the distribution of errors across states.

Device by Tune Metrics:

Tracking the events & Errors across 3 groups of event map description classified as DVR, VOD and Live Device Tune Metrics Trend: Detailed (Daily) tracking of the events & Errors across 3 groups of event map description classified as DVR, VOD and Live

Device Memory – CPU:

Monitoring the performances of devices by manufacturers on the basis of Memory Usage and CPU Usage

Device Manufacturer Profile:

Generalized display of all top line info with respect to Manufacturers

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