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Celebal Technologies

Celebal Technologies is a premier software services company in the field of Data Science, Big Data and Enterprise Cloud. Celebal Technologies helps you to discover the advantage by employing intelligent data solutions using cutting-edge technology solutions. The core offerings are around "Data to Intelligence", wherein we leverage data to extract intelligence and patterns thereby facilitating smarter and quicker decision making for clients. Celebal Technologies solutions are powered by Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms which offer improved business efficiency in the interconnected world. Companies clients are Product ISVs and delivery organisations across the globe who use our niche expertise in product development as well as Enterprise project implementations. Our adept team industry experts have strong expertise in various industry-standard technologies along with niche emerging areas including Blockchain, Analytics & Visualization, IoT, Chatbot, Data Science- AI & ML. We have experience in developing and performing supply chain analytics and media greenlighting solutions, connect the dots across data pits for generating actionable insights. We help modernize legacy and on-premise applications by leveraging modern cloud paradigms such as Microservices, API Management and other Cloud-native services. With Celebal Technologies, who understands the core value of modern analytics over the enterprise, we help the business in improving business intelligence and more data-driven in architecting solutions. Our analytics team caters to ad-hoc and defined business analytics


Company strength is around more than 250+ skilled engineers consisting of Data Engineers / Data Warehouse Developers, having experience on modern cloud based big data and ETL platforms, Power BI Developers with at least 15 end-to-end large-scale Power BI Deployments, Data Architects with multiple large-scale data analytics implementations experience as well as good hands-on experience on Master Data Management, Data Scientists with deep expertise in Advance Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and Project Managers with strong background in Agile Project Management.


Our Power BI Experiences : Some Implemeted Use Cases

Human Resource Analytics

Attrition Analysis 

Learning & Development 


Span of Control 

Gender Mix 

Space utilization 

Managerial Dashboard 

Compensation & Benefits

Coaching Conversations


Life Insurance

Health Insurance

Asset Management

Housing Finance

Financial Services


Supply Chain Management

Top Management










Market Share Comparison (Branch Level)

Outstanding Report



One of the niche players in SAP-surround related solution. With experience in Power BI and warehousing related solution in SAP Data. Chatbots on MS Teams with Form filling capability from mobile devices

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