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Fat Tails Oy


Fat Tails Oy provides information management services to growth companies. We serve domestic (Finnish) companies committed to international markets and to a systematic sales process. In practice, we work through our partners, ensuring target market and product compatibility as well as effective sales throughput. We strongly believe that technology is key for successful sales. We understand that the modern sales director has tough targets and has scarce resources to deliver. Our answer is tech-enabled, efficient and transparent sales.

Knowledge Management Infrastructure

We have experience in Azure cloud computing environments, but we are also ready to help on-premise in server environments. However, the final configuration depends on the need and already existing investments, we always try to take this into account. Our staff has decades-long experience in working with databases and knowledge management systems.

Operational Business Modeling and Reporting

You can typically start with some fairly simplistic concepts when modeling sales to start, but building business for growth requires that you found the model on its own vocabulary. The customer management system whether it be the CRM-, an ERP-module or some Excel-hack has to be modeled. The end product of good modeling is automated operational reporting to meet business needs.

Smart Sales

Taking the leap from operational reporting to leading smart sales is not long. Processing reporting for this often means reporting the sales line, tracking the target variance and activities, and reviewing the duration. The ultimate goal for a smart sales program is to prevent sales leakage.

Customer Analytics

A federated image of a customer relationship is a top priority whether or not your business is aiming to sell B2B or B2C. Building a customer-centric analytical environment is a long-term commitment. We aim to help companies gain insight on the main customer life cycle components: customer acquisition, base management, segmentation, customer flow and attrition.

Budgeting and Forecasting

HR and financial functions are at the center of the transition, as business environments are changing rapidly. The application of continuous integration principles to economic and HR functions places special requirements on forecasting and budgeting as well as the specialists involved in this field.

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