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NeenOpal Intelligent Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Our objective is to create intelligent models to facilitate human thinking and promote data-driven decision making. NeenOpal aims at discovering insights from your data to turn them into business opportunities.  Our analytical models, created using data mining and machine learning, help in prescribing a course of action for your organization.

We aim to abridge the gap between Analytics and day-to-day decision making by not just coming up with statistical insights, but integrating those insights with the external environment in which the organization operates. We believe that the power of Analytics can enhance Decision Making and help organizations gain competitive advantage. Our expertise in Retail, Manufacturing, FMCG, and the E-Commerce Industry ensures that we understand our client's requirements and work toward attaining the defined business objectives.

We build our solutions on the Microsoft Stack and use open source technologies like R, Python, etc to build our algorithms.

A data warehouse is typically setup on the cloud (i.e Azure) – which is used to host the client’s data, ETL tools are used, scripts are written by NeenOpal team to fetch data from the client’s database into the database.  Once there – data is massaged and prepared for analysis. The final output of the algorithms are then delivered to the client in the form of dashboards i.e PowerBI or exported back to the clients ERP.

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