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One Logic Solutions LTD.

One Logic Solutions is an information technology consulting firm, with offices in Edmonton (Alberta) and in Vancouver (British Columbia). We have expertise in software engineering and business intelligence, and our mandate is to assist small and medium businesses in implementing software and data analytics solutions that improves the business bottom line.

BI Roadmap
We craft roadmaps for our clients that want a more comprehensive business intelligence plan for going forward. Our experts will sit down with you, and we’ll put together a strategy that will guide you through the transition to better use of data through dashboards and analytics.

Dashboard Design
We provide bespoke dashboards that are custom tailored for your unique situation. We design dashboards with craftsmanship that work together to give you the complete picture of where your business is at, and where it needs to go to be the most successful.

Proof of Concept
We understand that there is some trepidation when it comes to adopt a new technology. To help ease any concerns, we invite you to commission a small-scale “proof of concept” project that can give you a better taste of what data analytics can do for your business.

We offer after-hours, onsite and online training to get you up and running with Power BI quickly. You’ll be creating and setting up your own dashboards in no time. We are committed to bringing you a whole new way of looking at data, with the fewest growing pains possible.

Vision and Values
We engage brilliant people to create continuous business innovation and make the best use of our competencies to surpass this business generation ongoing demands. We believe that our efforts and existence is to address our customer’s needs. We provide quality solutions by fostering the best blend of ingenuity, higher education and experienced professionals. We believe that our success comes from the individual willingness to contribute at his or her best performance.

Business Empowerment

Architect solutions that take into consideration the need for business enablement and empowerment.

Streamlined Business Processes
Leverage technology to help clients achieve their goals of business process improvement and automation.

Boost Collaboration
Use collaboration to solve common business problems such as document and knowledge management.

Enhanced Business Data Visibility
Reduce silos and propose strategies to extract information from data and build the foundation for analytics.

Engaging User Experience
Design interfaces that look modern and attractive but that maintain the simplicity that keeps users engaged.

Technology that makes sense
Anchor technology on the actual business needs, strive to understand every business case and provide proper advice.

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