Apps energized with analytics

Embed Power BI in your apps

Delivering business intelligence (BI) to help people make better decisions is a challenge. Data is complex, devices are many, attention spans are short. Integrate analytics with your apps to provide data visualizations and insights where people work. Where decisions are made. With real-time updating and data in context, you’ll help people make better and more meaningful decisions.

Embed world-class analytics in your apps

Quickly and deeply integrate easy-to-use analytics in your apps to speed decision making.

Capitalize on analytics built for the cloud

Gain the benefits of the cloud: flexible pricing, scale, compliance, security, and reliability.

Benefit from an open and extensible platform

Develop in a familiar environment, on an open and extensible platform with powerful SDKs and APIs.

Embed analytics in three easy steps

1. Create compelling and interactive reports

Create interactive BI experiences—without writing code. Connect to the right data sources for your app, through a collection of connectors. Keep data up-to-date with DirectQuery, cached models with scheduled refreshes, and by connecting to streaming data. Power BI also provides custom visuals for you to present your data best, in the context of your app.

2. Provision quickly and manage simply

Move to production quickly with Power BI Premium, and scale as your app grows, paying only for capacity you need. Publish reports from Power BI Desktop into your app. Connect to cloud and on-premises data sources. Easily schedule refreshes for cached models.

3. Embed your reports easily

Using Power BI REST APIs and the Power BI SDK, you can easily embed interactive reports and dashboards in your app and achieve consistent, high-fidelity experiences across devices.

Start building interactive reports

Visually explore your data with a freeform drag-and-drop canvas, modern data visualizations, and simple report authoring with Power BI Desktop, today.

When you’re ready to deploy, use Power BI Premium to provide interactive data experiences to your users. We’ll keep you posted on availability and documentation.

Already using Power BI Embedded?

If you’ve already developed your apps using Power BI Embedded, you’ll still have full access to the service. We’d like to help you migrate your apps so you can take advantage of new features.

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