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Copilot Updates March 2024

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This month we are excited to announce some new and exciting updates to Copilot;

  • Copilot for consumers now includes support for Apps
  • Updates to Copilot Geography support
  • Usage and billing is now available in Copilot
  • Copilot Abuse monitoring updates (Coming soon)

Copilot for consumers now supports Apps

Earlier this month we announced that report viewers can now ask questions against their data using copilot. Some of you asked if this capability will be coming to apps. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that copilot is now supported in Apps. Now you can ask questions and get insights to your data directly inside the copilot Pane whilst you browse your favorite Power BI Apps. In order to use this capability, the same restrictions apply as before which can be found here

Updates to Copilot Geography support

We have received lots of feedback from the community to improve the logic behind enabling copilot and ensure data does not leave the EU data boundary. Currently, if you are not in US or France, you need to enable both the copilot tenant admin switch and enable the cross geo tenant switch to use Copilot. This was not intentional and was actually a bug in the logic we use to route traffic. With the new fixes in place, now if you are using a Premium or Fabric capacity in the EU, you no longer need to enable the cross geo tenant switch in the admin portal to use Copilot. We will guarantee that traffic does not leave the EU data boundary. (if you enable the cross geo tenant switch, data could still leave to the US, so for customers who don’t want this behavior, please keep this switch turned off). If you are not in the US or EU, then you are unaffected by this change and still need to enable the cross geo tenant switch before using copilot.

Usage and Billing is now available in Copilot

At the start of February, we announced the pricing of copilot and updates to the capacity metrics app to show the detailed usage of copilot for your premium capacity. Since March 1st, your premium capacity will now be billed against all copilot usage.

Copilot Abuse monitoring updates (Coming soon)

We are improving the way in which we enforce Abuse monitoring for Copilot. Today, we are currently storing prompt input and output data (data that is sent and outputted by copilot) for 28 days to check for users abusing the system. We are planning to release imminently a new abuse monitoring system which will remove the need to store the data. Now prompts will be monitored live for abuse monitoring and no data will be stored, which should allow more of you to use copilot, especially those of you in heavily regulated industries. This change will happen within the next month and we will send out a separate blog post to announce this so stay tuned.

Next Steps

To learn more about recent improvements to copilot see the following;

That is all for this month! Please continue sending us your feedback and do not forget to vote for other features that you would like to see in Power BI! We hope that you enjoy the update! If you installed Power BI Desktop from the Microsoft Store, please leave us a review.

Also, don’t forget to vote on your favorite feature this month on our community website. 

As always, keep voting on Ideas to help us determine what to build next. We are looking forward to hearing from you!