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Power BI Developer community July update

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This blog post covers the latest updates for Power BI Developers community. Don’t forget to check out the June blog post, if you haven’t done so already.


Power BI Embedded

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Here is the list of July updates for Embedded Analytics…

Embed capabilities

Programmatic control on visual header

Developer tools

New Power BI developer center

Power BI Embedded in Azure

Power BI Embedded available in China Cloud

Embed capabilities

Programmatic control on visual header

Visual headers contain the action bar of a visual, displaying the user all the actions he can do, such as entering ‘Focus mode’, drilling down or exporting data. In some use-cases in your application, or at least for certain visuals, you might want to limit user access to those actions.

Visual header 1

This capability could be achieved using Power BI Desktop, which allows you to hide or edit the visual header in reading view for visuals. Now we are releasing an API that allows you to hide the visual header programmatically.

For example, when embedding specific visuals, you can decide to hide or show the header according to the visual being displayed to the user. You can also decide that for the same report, a specific group of users will have access to header actions, while other will only see the visual without header.

Hiding or showing the visual header can be configured at any given moment in the user’s session- either upon loading the report, or during the session, through ‘Update settings’ API. All the definitions made in Power BI Desktop will apply automatically for the visuals shown in your application, whether you choose to show or hide the header. We will add more support for configuring visual header functionality using API in the future. Learn more on how to hide the visual header using API.

Developer tools

New Power BI Developer Center

We’re thrilled introduce the Power BI Developer Center—a one-stop-shop for developers looking to customize or extend their Power BI solutions, create custom visuals, or embed Power BI in applications. You’ll find easy access to our comprehensive set of APIs and SDK libraries, and pointers for various developer scenarios, such as embedding visual analytics, creating custom visuals, and automating BI solutions. You’ll also find links to all the content and resources for developers, so you can get all the info you need to get your questions answered.


dev center
Power BI Embedded in Azure

Power BI Embedded available in China Cloud

Power BI Embedded is now available in China Azure cloud. Learn more on how to configure Power BI Embedded in China cloud.



That’s our update for this month. If you are puzzled or run into few issues, be sure to check our resources that can help you get by:

  • ‘Troubleshooting’ doc to help you get by all the obstacles on your way for building a great app.
  • FAQ doc to answer all your question regarding the Product, licensing and Azure capacities.
  • Community forum for developers, to seek answers or ask any other questions you have.



Custom Visuals


Accessibility: Adding high-contrast mode support

Windows High-Contrast setting makes text and apps easier to see by using more distinct colors. Read more about high-contrast support in Power BI.

Now you can add high-contrast support to your visual as well.



Check this commit to see learn how high contrast was implemented in sample bar chart.

Find more information on adding high-contrast here. The new API is released with v1.13.1 API .


New source code of our visuals now available on github

We have recently released the source code of the following visuals on github:

Heat Stream


Check out the source code at:

Card Browser


Check out the source code at:

Text Filter


Check out the source code at:

Timeline StoryTeller


Check out the source code at:


You can freely access the code on github, modify it, enhance it, and create a new custom visual of your own!

Looking forward to your contribution to the custom visual community!


As always, feel free to use all the communication channels at your disposal to connect with our team, share your thoughts and ask questions:


That’s all for this post. We hope you found it useful. Please continue sending us your feedback, it’s very important for us. Have an amazing feature in mind? please share it or vote in our Power BI Embedded Ideas forum, or our Custom Visuals Ideas forum.