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Power BI Mobile apps feature summary – January 2017

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This year, we will keep investing in perfecting the mobile apps experience and performance to bring you an outstanding way to experience your data on the go. We believe having your data available, easily and at any time, is a basic need in today’s business world.

Having said that, if you’re looking for more control and customization of your mobile experience, we encourage you to try our Phone reports capability, introduced as part of this month's release. In this release, you’ll also find exciting improvements for tables and matrices, and new capabilities like SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) ADFS.

We welcome your feedback, questions, and stories in the Power BI Mobile community.

Here’s the complete list of recent updates:

SSRS Authentication using Active Directory Federation Services, ADFS Preview (Android and iOS)

If you connect to on-premises SQL Server Reporting Services servers from your mobile device, now you can sign in with your organizational account, thanks to the single sign-on (SSO) capabilities of Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS). With single sign-on, you only have to sign in once with your organizational identity to explore all of your SSRS mobile reports and KPIs. In this preview, you can connect from a mobile device outside your corporate network to an SSRS server hosted on-premises in a Windows Server 2016 environment. Learn more about ADFS Preview


Load more than 100 rows in tables and matrices (All)

Tables and matrices are two very common visualizations in dashboards and reports. Following your feedback, we have removed the 100-row limit on tables in the Power BI mobile apps. If you have a large table or matrix on your dashboard or report, we will show as much data as possible in the tile. Then in focus mode, you just scroll down to load additional rows.

100 Row table scroll

New and improved: Annotate and share insights instantly (Android)

Sharing and annotating are now fully functional on Android devices. The new share and annotate capability has an improved menu, making it easier and quicker to annotate and share insights with your colleagues. Additionally, you can also share an annotated report or directly from the Power BI app. For mobile-optimized reports, you can also choose to annotate and share a single visualization when you view it in focus. (5)

Phone report – general availability (ALL)

This month we announced the general availability of Power BI phone reports. With phone reports, you can specifically tailor a portrait view of your existing report on Power BI Desktop for mobile viewers. As part of this update we added many improvements such as phone reports icons, optimized refresh rates, and more. Learn more about authoring phone reports in Power BI Desktop and the report experience on phones.