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Posts By: RomiP Koifman

Power BI Mobile apps feature summary – March 2017

Hello everyone! We are happy to share notes for the latest release of our Power BI Mobile apps. This update includes some new and exciting capabilities, improvements to existing features, and extended support for additional platforms. Want to let us know what you think of these changes or have an idea for future development? Don’t be shy – we want to hear from you on our mobile feedback forum.

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Power BI mobile apps feature summary – February 2017

Earlier this month we introduced the preview of Q&A for Power BI iOS app, and while we've received amazing feedback so far, we'd still love to hear from you in the Power BI community thread. Speaking of previews, with this release we are happy to announce that the Power BI app for Android tablets is now available globally! Thank you for your feedback during preview. Read on to learn about more new capabilities and improvements to the Power BI mobile app for all platforms.

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Now in preview: Conversational BI with Q&A on Power BI mobile apps (iOS)

With Power BI mobile apps on iPhone and iPad, you can view and interact with all of your pre-defined reports and dashboards while on the go. But what about answering questions that are not pinned to your dashboards? Or questions that you didn’t prepare for? With this release, we are happy to add a preview of Q&A capabilities to our Power BI iOS app. With a unique chat-like experience that's tailor-made for natural language, you can ask questions of your data and receive answers in the form of charts and graphs directly on your mobile device.

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Power BI Mobile apps feature summary – January 2017

This year, we will keep investing in perfecting the mobile apps experience and performance to bring you an outstanding way to experience your data on the go. We believe having your data available, easily and at any time, is a basic need in today’s business world. Having said that, if you’re looking for more control and customization of your mobile experience, we encourage you to try our Phone reports capability, introduced as part of this month's release. In this release, you’ll also find exciting improvements for tables and matrices, and new capabilities like SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) ADFS.

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Power BI mobile phone reports now available everywhere

We are happy to announce the general availability of Power BI reports optimized for phones! Not long ago we announced the preview of phone reports, and now it’s time to make them available to all users. With Phone reports you can specifically tailor a portrait view of your existing report on Power BI Desktop for mobile viewers. With this update, everyone can create report views optimized for phones, to enhance the experience of viewing Power BI reports on phones.

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Power BI mobile apps feature summary – December 2016

Just before 2016 wraps up, we're happy to introduce the latest update for Power BI mobile apps! Within this update, you'll find new capabilities such as the ability to share an annotated report, and geo filtering for reports on Android devices. You will also find improvements to existing features, such as visuals links, Apple watch integration and offline background refresh adjustment to reduce cellular data consumption. It’s been a great year for Power BI Mobile, and we would like to thank you for providing valuable feedback and encourage you to keep posting in Power BI Community. We look forward to bringing you even more excellent new and improved features in 2017!

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