Data analytics

Quickly discover the insights in your data

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Understand your data at a glance

Transform rows of data into visualizations that help you quickly understand the big picture.

  • Quickly identify patterns and trends
  • See the big picture
  • Communicate insights in a way everyone can understand
  • Find insights among multiple datasets from different sources

Identify risks and opportunities

Discover opportunities for more efficiency and identify potential risks—before they impact your business.

  • View all of your data in a single view
  • Create robust, reusable, live models
  • Perform "what if" analyses visually
  • Identify trends visually and react quickly to actual results
  • Gain a deeper understanding with drill downs and live data

Make decisions based on data, not opinions

Share reports and dashboards to get everyone on the same page so your team can act right away.

  • Predict the outcome of different options
  • Use visuals to distill the most pertinent information
  • De-silo data across the organization
  • Analyze data in a way that allows clear insights to emerge

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