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Power BI Mobile Apps feature summary – October 2016

Headshot of article author RomiP Koifman

This month, we are happy to introduce a number of great improvements for the Power BI mobile apps, including improved navigation experience and enhancements to notifications.

Improved navigation (All platforms)

The main menu for the Power BI app has been updated to create a simpler and more intuitive navigation experience with a new look and feel. As part of this change, the group selection was moved to a separate list under the Workspaces entry.



Favorites as your landing page (All platforms)

You need quick access to your most important data and dashboards, so we've set the Favorites page as the first screen you'll see when opening the Power BI Mobile app. If you haven't defined any favorites, you'll continue to see the My Workspace page as before.


More descriptive notifications (All platforms)

Keeping a close eye on your most important metrics is easy using the Power BI alerts! Once you set an alert, you'll get notified when your defined metric changes. We've added more information on what triggered the alert and why to better empower your decision making.Deep dive into Data Alerts in our dedicated blog post.


Easily dismiss notifications (Android)

Once you've handled a notification, you can dismiss it from your device. To make this an even faster process, you can now dismiss a notification with the swipe of your finger. Simply open the notification center and swipe the notification you want to remove.


Filter your report by location (Windows Phone)

We've expanded geo-filtering capabilities that were previously available in iOS to Windows phone devices. With geo-filtering, you can filter reports with geographical data by your current location in just one tap, including filtering by the city, state, or country in which you're currently located. To learn more about this feature, visit the geo-filtering documentation page. (3) 


Try the SandDance visual in presentation mode (Surface Hub)

The SandDance custom visual is a fantastic way to tell the story of your data, as it can move between different interactive configurations. As part of providing presentation mode functionality in Surface Hub, we took another step in making this a great visual for presentations by providing a more clear way to move between the different perspectives. With this update, you can set a persistent, predefined set of states in SandDance, and move between them using simple back and forth and play buttons. To set up the predefined states, tap the Insights button on the visual while in edit mode, and capture the different states that you would like to use. We also added more theming capabilities for your data, including the ability to change the background color of the visual and to configure the text size and color for the axes, titles, and legend of the visual.



That’s all for this update! We hope that you enjoy these new and improved mobile features, and continue sending us valuable feedback about our product. Please don’t forget to vote for other features that you would like to see included in Power BI Mobile in the future.