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Power BI OneDrive and SharePoint on by default rollout has started

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Earlier this year we started a public preview to enhance Power BI reporting through Power BI OneDrive and SharePoint integrations. Today, we’re starting to turn the public preview on by default for tenants that didn’t opt-out of the designated admin setting (see previous blog). As a Power BI admin, you can still disable the feature, Users can view Power BI files saved in OneDrive and SharePoint (Preview)“, at any time in the admin portal.  

Explore data in report online

OneDrive and SharePoint integrations in Power BI Desktop  

In the upcoming October 2023 release of Power BI Desktop, OneDrive and SharePoint integrations will be on by default.  

Users will be able to: 

  • Open reports from OneDrive and SharePoint

Open file in OneDrive and SharePoint

  • Save reports directly to OneDrive and SharePoint 

Saving to OneDrive

  • Share reports stored in OneDrive and SharePoint directly from Power BI Desktop 

Send a link to a report from Power BI Desktop

These public preview features have been available since May of 2023, but will no longer require the user to opt-in through the options menu. If a user does not want these features on in Power BI Desktop, they can disable the features through the following steps: 

  1. In the file tab select Options and settings > Options > Preview feature 
  2. Uncheck the Save to OneDrive and SharePoint and Share to OneDrive and SharePoint features  
  3. Restart Power BI Desktop

Disable ODSP setting in Desktop

Admins have the option to disable the ability for users to share reports from Power BI Desktop. This setting has been on by default since May 2023.  

More details on these features can be found in this May 2023 blog