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Deliver report Subscriptions to OneDrive and SharePoint (Preview)

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We’re excited to announce that you can now deliver Power BI and paginated report subscriptions to OneDrive or SharePoint.  With this capability, you can schedule and send full report attachments to a OneDrive or SharePoint location. You are no longer restricted by the email attachment size limits. We do however have a 250Mb limit on the size of the attachment. Anyone with access to the OneDrive/SharePoint location can now view these reports. You can keep a history of your report deliveries and track changes over time.  

What are the Licensing Requirements? The same requirements as when you can attach a full report to email. Refer to the licensing requirements in the documentation. 

Set up a subscription to OneDrive /SharePoint 

1. Navigate to a Power BI or paginated report on the Power BI service.

2. Select “Subscribe to report” from the toolbar, and then select “Create a subscription”.

3. Choose “Standard” subscription type. 

4. Select “Attach full report” and the format of the output from the dropdown.  

For Power BI reports, you can subscribe to .pdf and .pptx. 

For paginated reports, you can subscribe to more formats. 

5. I’ve selected .pdf. Select the delivery type.

6. Select OneDrive or SharePoint. Select the folder location that you want the subscription to be delivered to. 

7. Once you select the location, the Folder will be displayed.

Note: If you select the top level folder, the Folder path will be blank.

8. By default, the File Name will be the same as the Subscription name. Optionally, you can change this. Also by default, the option to append the filename with date/time is selected. Optionally, you can un-select the date/time. This will append the file name with a number for example, File Name (1), File Name (2) Every instance of the file will have a unique number generated in sequence.

9. Select the Start date, frequency of delivery, scheduled time of delivery and time zone. You can optionally select an End date.

10. Save the subscription. 

11. You will receive the full report in the OneDrive or SharePoint location that you selected at the frequency that you selected.



Support for PPU is expected in the coming soon.

This feature is currently not available to Sovereign clouds and will be available when generally available.

Next Steps

  • Learn More about delivering subscriptions to OneDrive and Sharepoint here.
  • Want to give us feedback? You can leave us  feedback at