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Deprecation of AutoML in Power BI using Dataflows V1

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Following the announcement of the deprecation of creation of Power BI Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) models for Dataflows V1, the feature has now been deprecated in all regions as of the third week of April. Customers can no longer add/edit/retrain a ML model and will be shown the following message about the deprecation:

Customers can still use the existing models they have created for inferencing during the next two months. The capability to apply AutoML model on new data for predictive insights will be deprecated starting the second week of June.

We encourage customers to migrate their solution to the AutoML solution based on Synapse Data Science in Microsoft Fabric which has been released in Preview. It offers customers a powerful and more customizable AutoML experience, with access to advanced tools and features.

With the new AutoML feature in Fabric, you can automate your machine learning workflow and get the best results with less effort. AutoML in Fabric, or Automated Machine Learning, is a set of techniques and tools that can automatically train and optimize machine learning models for any given data and task type. You don’t need to worry about choosing the right model and hyperparameters, as AutoML will do that for you.

You can also track and examine your AutoML runs using Fabric’s MLFlow integration and use the built-in visualization modules to generate interactive plots of your outcomes. Fabric also supports a large number of Spark and single-node model learners, ensuring that you can find the best fit for your machine learning problem. Read this article for more information on how to get started with AutoML in Fabric notebooks.