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Full report attachment for subscriptions for Power BI Premium reports now available

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Note: We are currently rolling this feature out to all regions, and expect it to be fully deployed by December 12th.

Subscription mail with attachment

We’re starting off the first full week of December with a bang!  First, we finished rolling out the public preview of Premium per user to all public tenants earlier today.  And now, as if you needed another reason to jump into the public preview, we’re pleased to announce one of the most highly requested features on Power BI user voice is coming to your tenant later this week.  For the first time, you may now subscribe to any Power BI report in a premium workspace or app and choose to include the full report as a PowerPoint or PDF attachment!

To use this new capability, you may either create a new subscription for your report or simply update an existing one.  Once you do, you’ll see some subtle changes that bring it in line with what we’ve offered for paginated reports for some time now.

Subscription selections for Power BI reports

First, you’ll see the ability to add an attachment, which is off for all new subscriptions by default.  It can be enabled by checking the newly added “Full report attachment” box.  For this box to be enabled, you must be using an upgraded workspace or app backed by Premium.  Once selected, you simply choose if you’d like to receive the attachment as a PDF or as a PowerPoint (.PPTX) file.  The size of the report attachment must be 20 pages or less, and the attachment must be less than 25MB regardless of the number of pages.  This attachment will respect all privacy labels you may have applied to the report, just like when you export the report to one of these formats.

Note: As we’re previously stated, someone with a Premium per user license may subscribe anyone in their tenant who has a Power BI Pro license to a subscription that includes the full report attachment.  However, for these folks to view the report in the service, they will still require a Premium per user license.

Second, the existing image that is included in the e-mail body today for all subscriptions can now be shown/hidden by checking/unchecking the “Preview image” option.  This can be done whether or not you choose to include the full report attachment as part of the mail message.

Between this and the newly created Power Automate templates, we’re providing more ways than ever before to get your Power BI content to your users where they work.  Look for even more great content from the Power BI team throughout December as we head towards the holiday season.

Have a great week!