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Can we use ODBC driver with Power BI web?

Hi There,   we just started using power bi and we are using the Power BI web version. We have a requirement that we need to show our service now change request data on power bi report. So we w...

Re: SLA Reporting Help - Calculated Column Formula?

Hi, as far as I see this problem, you should use DATEDIFF function to calculate difference between dates. In it"s 3rd parameter you can set the difference to a hour based format.  After that y...

Re: Individual average divided by Team Average

The formula you're looking for is technically "average of completed requests per day per team member", so you can take your existing formula as-is, and divide by a distinct count of team member names...

Re: Unpivoting?

Hi Aron, thx for your input, but it doesn't solve the issue I'm afraid, as this puts for instance for Staff1 the attributes in different rows, whereas we want them in column...

Plotting dates on line chart

Hi, I want to achieve the below in Power BI. I tried the line chart and added Month to Axis and "Cat 1 Date" to Values and when I did that, PBI automatically counts the data values. Appreciate y...

Re: Connector Postgre SQL DATABASE

Hi there,   This popup happens to me even after I installed Npgsql-4.0.0.msi. The solution link didn't show how to get past the popup?    

Re: Average Formula

@venkateshsarma Still not quite:

Re: Error connecting to PostGresSQL db

Hi JR,  I have the same issue now. Did you have a solution for the issue?

Re: Average of Average

Yes! It's working! Thank you @Phil_Seamark. Best Regards, Diego

Re: Time Zone issue

What timezone is your PC set to?  What part of the world are you in?

IsLatest date filter on a table column

Hello everyone,   I have applied a date filter (IsLatest) on a table column in Power BI Desktop report (through edit queries) then I published to power bi service, now the problem is that, whe...

Re: Create date columm from odd text format

Hi @RMDNA   If I understand  your data correctly, scaling it out to other years could be as easy as the following tweak   Column = VAR BaseDate = DATE('Table 2'[Year],2,1) RE...

Compare Equivalent Period and sames Store Last Year

Hello everyone, I have the following problem, I want to compare the same time period for last year, if I have from 03/01/2018 to 03/21/2018, I need to compare in that period but for the 2017 but add...

Re: Azure Data Lake onto an Enterprise Gateway

I think you don't need a gateway for Azure Data Lake. Try this:   1- Obtain the data of data lake and onpremise. Create the pages you need and then publish the report to service. 2- Install t...

Re: Average

HI @mrainey   Sounds like a job for the AVERAGEX function.  Something along the lines of...   New Measure = AVERAGEX ( 'table'[fieldname] , [Positive %] )

Re: Create date columm from odd text format

HI @RMDNA   What day of the week does your 1 relate to?  Is 1 a Monday or a Sunday?

Re: RankX Measure Issue

Hi,   Still no luck.  I made a selection in the slicer but still did not see any numbers in the IYA column of the Table.

Re: Data Alerts not working need help!

Hi there The way I explain it is that the item on the dashboard should be representing a Number value. Once you have that, you can then enable the data alerts.

Re: Merge problems - incorrect expand

Hi  @nazdravanul,   I'm not very clear abourt your issue based on your description and I cannot reproduce your issue in my side. Could you share a screenshot about your issue?   ...

Re: Value input to slider

What column is your slider based on?  Does that column contain a value that is 500 or higher?  Based on your very vague statement, it seems like your largest value is 50.

Re: July amount - Repeting in to the future

Thank you so much. It was more complicated than I thought it should be.

Re: Error instalation on premise

Hi @Jancarlos_Ascen “uninstall the 2 to reinstall 1” Do you mean uninstall both on-premise Gateway and personal-mode Gateway, then reinstall personal-mode Gateway? “I managed to install bo...

Re: CALCULATE with COUNT filter.

Hi Yuliana, Thanks for writing back. I can't seem to make the DAX return the correct value. I'll try to create a new pbix with the sample data in the coming days.   The number of devices that...

Re: Extremely slow loading of Power BI reports

Hi @phelms,   I would suggest you contact the Microsoft engineer for dedicated support.      Best Regards, Qiuyun Yu

Re: convert calclulated column datatype text to decimal number

I got it from your posts. Can you share a sample? Or how can I know anything else about your data?   Best Regards, Dale