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Hikari is a group of dedicated business and technology professionals who provide solutions that allow organisations to analyse business data – providing actionable insights, adding value, and empowering companies to make better business decisions.
We offer Business Intelligence & Data Analytics & CRM Solutions powered by Microsoft and in particular Power BI.

In the age of information technology, the importance of data and business intelligence cannot be underestimated. However, what many businesses don’t realise is that they’re sitting on a veritable goldmine when it comes to the raw data they possess, information that can be analysed and used to leverage a significant competitive edge. Taking advantage of these insights can allow businesses to access real-time updates, secure quick answers to business questions, improve inventory, or gain a valuable insight into customer behaviour. Data is also the fuel that powers CRM systems, aiding businesses in improving client retention and generating fresh customer pipelines. Ultimately, it’s about providing access to actionable insights for growth and development and understanding the bigger picture.

Our core ethos is the use of technology to solve real business problems. We adopt a partnership approach to our client relationships, using tailored services to meet specific requirements and ensuring that our solutions are aligned with core business objectives.

Our latest products are Legal BI, a business intelligence solution that analyses data in a legal firm’s practice management solution and presents various real time and dynamic KPIs, dashboards and reports to stakeholders & MSP BI, a business intelligence solution for IT Service Providers that is fully compatible with industry IT business management and professional services tools such and Autotask & ConnectWise. 

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