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Immersant Data Solutions

Immersant is a data solutions company, we provide services and solutions covering integration, data management, warehousing, Business Intelligence in the mobile and traditional development space as well as expert consultancy and support for clients ranging from medium to large corporates. We offer expertise from architecture through development to support and maintenance.  We are a company that designs quality, builds professionally and supports the solution once implemented.

We are Microsoft Data Platform specialists who drive value throughout our client’s BI journey; from data to actionable insights. We design, build and support BI solutions for small/medium/large organisations across several verticals including, financial service, supply chain, property management, telematics and retail.

We have used PowerBI to quickly show value to customers, by using the seamless integration between Excel/PowerPivot and PowerBI to build quick and valuable POCs which can be promoted to production ready solutions quickly, with minimal rework.

We have used the powerful data source integration capabilities to pull data from siloed POS systems into consolidated data models which has allowed us to provide insights across time and products.

We use PowerBI’s extensive visualizations to communicate KPIs to business stakeholders in an actionable format, removing the need for the back and forth of IT and business.

The low granularity (row-level) security of PowerBI has allowed us to provide a consistent data model for analysis across the business filter to the appropriate audience.

Our Data experience includes: Data engineering, ETL, data visualization, Machine Learning, Operational Reporting, Business Intelligence, trend analysis, data modelling, data strategy, data wrangling, requirements elicitation, design, DataOps, support and advise.

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