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IronEdge Group

IronEdge Group is a  Microsoft Silver Data Analytics Partner and Managed Services firm with over 12 years’ experience in solving complex customer needs.  We specialize in helping mid-market companies drive forward with analytics initiatives from beginning to end.  We work directly with key stakeholders to understand the current readiness of an organization to begin analytics initiatives.  IronEdge has extensive experience in the retail, information technology services and financial services verticals. 

Our processes for business intelligence (BI) program success focus on all aspects of the analytics life-cycle: 

  • Executive and user adoption,
  • Process control,
  • Database and systems optimization,
  •  Data extract and transformation
  • Cloud data and storage strategy,
  •  Data science and optimization,
  •  Change control,
  • Data presentation
  •  Self-service information management

IronEdge has designed applications and processes that integrate with the Microsoft Azure Data Factory, SQL Server, SSRS and Power BI.  Utilizing these methods, IronEdge can quickly ingest raw data from APIs, Databases and files into a more structured online warehouse.  Within weeks, IronEdge will be providing usable dashboards and reports to our clients.  We believe that by quickly turning around analytics to stakeholders, momentum for BI initiatives continues and widespread adoption of a data centric mind-set increases. 

IronEdge has developed Analytics as a Service for mid-market organizations.  Our goal is to provide the data analysis, curation and presentation services once only afforded by Enterprise organization to the mid-market.  Our approach provides monitoring and alerting for critical data systems and services in order to ensure proper data integrity.  IronEdge utilizes secure cloud technology though Microsoft Azure for the extract, transformation and organization of data.  By building secure data packs, dashboard and reports through Power BI, our team is able to provide user-centric data consumption at a fraction of what a typical BI investment would be for an organization. 

Through Agile based project management, IronEdge Group provides functionality to our clients within 90 day cycles for their dashboards and reports.  Our goal is to maintain momentum for the BI initiatives of our clients over time and continually provide visible results for their investment each quarter. 

IronEdge begins each engagement with a BI readiness assessment that is followed by a deep dive into data systems, stakeholder initiatives, business outcomes and departmental needs. IronEdge will provide a 12-month road-map for analytics services with clear objectives and deliverables each month culminating with a quarterly dashboard, report or action oriented data presentation. 

The goal of IronEdge group is not to simply provide a graphical look at once hidden data, but to aid our clients in the following ways:

  • Gain wide-spread adoption of analytics as a core function of business decision making
  • Provide deeper insights into complex problems
  •  Tie together information in ways that would have been too expensive or difficult in the past
  •  Create self-service data systems for better, faster decision making
  • Ensure data integrity, security and quality through the process
  • Show consultative value through business process analysis and deep interaction
  •  Enable our clients more insight into their business and processes used to create data
  •  Engage with organizations where analytics is critical, but was historically too costly to engage in

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